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One the left, three overlapping book covers: the first has an apple with a forest background, the second has a red haired girl on a green background that says "Between Worlds", and the third has two girls on a pink background. Above the books is the title "Young Adult."

On the right: three overlapping book covers. The first is a gold and brown cover with a shield. The second has two men in an intimate embrace with the title "The Prince and HIs Stolen Groom", the third is a man in a suit with a fiery background.

About Me

Writing as Jennifer Ridge:

The Faery Realm series, completed with 5 books and 2 novellas. A portal fantasy featuring Fae Courts, queer characters, and multiple protagonists who age with the series (16-19).

Don’t Go Into the Forest, a stand alone novella featuring a mix of fairy tale retellings.


Writing as J.E. Ridge:

The Prince and His Stolen Groom, the first book in a new series of queer standalones.

The Shield & Sorrow series, ongoing. This is an adult M/M Sword and Sorcery series.

"Welcome to the Underworld", a steamy M/M short story featuring figures from Greek Mythology.


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