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A young woman in a blue dress sits in front of a background of blue ruins. The title is above her head in large golden letters "Strange Worlds."

Strange Worlds - Signed Edition

The Wild King’s reign continues as his army of stolen fae grows larger and fiercer. His magic invades their bodies and minds, and the Wild fae follow his every command with a slavish devotion. Except for Feya, the only one who seems immune to the King’s transformative powers. Though she resists, she doesn’t have the heart to defy him or leave her home in the Dead City. Until it becomes too dangerous.

The elves are losing, the Seelie commander falls in battle, and Feya has no choice but to stand against the King. Amidst a swirl of painful memories and the claws of twisted magic, Feya and her new allies face off against the zealous tyrant.

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