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Two men share an intimate embrace. Above them is the title of the book "The Prince and His Stolen Groom."

The Prince and His Stolen Groom - Misprint

A magic spell protects the Desolated Lands from evil mages and their nefarious schemes. As a condition of this spell, Princess Francesca of Woe and Prince Brendon of Bane must marry.

Rick knows his sister will be miserable in this marriage, so he concocts a half-baked plan to kidnap the groom and stall the wedding. He just needs time to find an alternative way to keep the spell active. Everything seems to go smoothly until someone else arrives at the castle claiming to be Prince Brendon. Now Rick has to juggle two grooms: the real one he stashed in a magic tower, and the imposter romancing his sister.

Because Rick disrupted the wedding, the spell begins to weaken, allowing an evil mage to slip past the magical defenses. Chaos ensues as Rick struggles with imposters, evil minions, and his growing feelings for Brendon.

Who knew stealing one groom would cause so much trouble?

Includes the Bonus Scene "When Franny Met Kit", exclusive to ARCs and Paperbacks.


Misprint Details: The tagline is lower and has slightly different formatting. (Not Pictured)

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